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Interior Style: Everything about natural interior

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Interior Style: Everything about natural interior

More comfortable, more bold - natural interior

hello. This is #Scandia.
Today I would like to talk about interior design.
I would like to learn about natural interior design, which is a trend these days.
Creates a comfortable yet bold atmosphere
Let’s learn about natural interior design together.

The interior is
It has changed and become established according to the trends of the times, such as industrialization and information society.
In other words, it can be defined as a generalization and classification of interior design that has been established over a long period of time.
Today, consumers' needs are becoming more diverse, and they want to express their individual tastes in their living spaces. In particular, classifying styles contributes to improving the quality of life by expressing individual personality and lifestyle.

What is natural interior?
It refers to an interior style that harmonizes with nature and decorates spaces using natural raw materials, colors, and designs.
Additionally, we focus on creating a comfortable and bold atmosphere. You can feel the beauty and tranquility of nature.
It is popular among people who seek relaxation and stability by creating a space.




Natural Interior
beauty and tranquility
You can feel it.

 Characteristics of natural interior 

“Show me the beauty of nature”

Use natural materials

Natural interiors mainly use natural materials such as wood, stone, and rattan.
These materials can create unique textures and a warm atmosphere.

Wood & white and natural tones.
Natural interiors mainly use a combination of wood and white and natural tone colors.
This is a color reminiscent of nature and creates a clean and harmonious atmosphere.
You can also use yellow and green as point colors here.

Refer to natural sources
In natural interior design, the design refers to the principles and forms of nature.
By reproducing the shape of tree branches and the texture of stone, it adds naturalness and calm to the space.


 Select interior material
: If you like nature, what material should you choose? 

Material 1: Wood
Wood is the most widely used and important material in natural interiors.
You can create a warm, natural atmosphere by using wooden furniture, wooden wainscoting, and wood paneling.
In particular, wooden furniture contains the beauty of nature itself and makes the space warm and comfortable.

Material 2: Rattan (rattan)
Rattan is a popular material in natural interiors and is used as furniture and decoration.
Rattan is a plant-based material that is eco-friendly and has a unique texture that adds to the space.
It can add interest and coziness.

Material 3: Stone
Stone is a material that conveys the strength and stability of nature and creates a natural atmosphere in natural interiors.
There are many types of stone wall coverings, stone tiles, stone ornaments, marble, granite, etc.
You can use stones to add luxury and specialness to your space.


  Choosing interior colors: Various colors that express nature  

Natural colors play a very important role in natural interiors. You can create a natural atmosphere in your space by using natural colors such as white, beige, and green. In particular, by using various materials such as plants and stones, you can create natural colors while bringing vitality to the space.
It is one of the most commonly used colors in natural interiors and gives a clean and transparent feeling, making the space spacious and bright.
It is a neutral color that goes well with any color and is similar to the tone of nature, eliminating monotony and giving a warm feeling to the space.
It is one of nature's colors and is often used in natural interiors. It is similar to the color of plants and can create a refreshing and peaceful atmosphere.


 Natural interior trend analysis ​

Trends in modern natural interiors are constantly changing.
Some notable trends include:
In modern natural interiors, minimalistic elements are emphasized. unnecessary
It is characterized by minimizing props and creating a clean space.
Sustainability Natural interior design that takes the environment into account is attracting attention. The trend is to create sustainable spaces by choosing renewable materials and eco-friendly interior design.
Scandinavian design Scandinavian design is one of the styles that goes well with natural interiors. Simple and functional design elements create a comfortable yet sophisticated atmosphere.

 The future and expected trends of natural interiors 

Natural interiors continue to evolve and are expected to remain popular in the future.
Trend 1
Emphasis on sustainability
It is expected that more emphasis will be placed on natural interiors that are more environmentally conscious. Creating sustainable spaces using renewable materials, eco-friendly design, and energy-efficient systems will become important.
Trend 2
Technology Integration
The integration of natural interiors and technology is expected to further develop. Smart home systems will be harmoniously combined with natural interiors to create a smarter and more convenient space.
Trend 3
Various materials and textures
It is expected that more diverse materials and textures will be used in future natural interiors. By applying new materials, recycled materials, and innovative designs, you will be able to add creativity and diversity to your space.


 Example of natural interior design 

| Case 1
We applied natural interior design to create a comfortable and bold atmosphere. Beige and white were mainly used to give a clean and bright feeling, and wood materials and plants were used to emphasize the feeling of nature.

| Case 2
We applied natural interior design to a small space to maximize usability. Bright colors and mirrors were used to make the space appear larger, and wood materials and green interior created a comfortable atmosphere.

| Case 3
We maximized the use of sustainable objects by using plants that help purify indoor air. It was placed as a focal point as a living, breathing, real nature where the green color directly appears.

Natural interior is a style that creates a comfortable and bold atmosphere.
You can create a beautiful space in harmony with nature.
This is a style I would definitely recommend to those who love nature.

​Modern trend! Artistic elements!
Natural interior will evolve and develop further!

Create a comfortable and beautiful space with natural interior design
that allows you to feel the scent of nature in various spaces of your choice.laugh
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