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Interior information: Finishing Material (tile)

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Interior information: Finishing Material (tile)

Discovery of finishing materials - space change brought about by interior tiles

Hello. This is #Scandia.
Today, I would like to introduce a special topic for those who are interested in interior design.
Let’s learn about space change techniques using #tiles.
Tile is one of the materials preferred by many people because it can decorate a space with a variety of designs and colors.
Let’s take a look at #interiorideas using tiles and experience a sophisticated space transformation!

The tile is

It plays an important role in interior design,
It has various advantages and charms, so many people want to experience changes in the space.


There are many different types of tiles used in interior design, and not only do they have different colors and designs, but the appropriate tiles and construction methods also vary depending on the material, use, and purpose. Tiles are simple to install, and if the construction is done carefully, they rarely crack or discolor afterward and are highly durable. In particular, it is widely used in kitchens, restrooms, and bathrooms due to its strong resistance to moisture.

Interior tiles
_____It is a versatile interior finishing material.



 Various tile types and characteristics 

Tiles are divided into various types, and creative designs can be created by using various tiles even in one space.
It can be implemented. Each tile has unique characteristics and must be selected to suit the appropriate space.
Ceramic tile
It is thicker and lighter than porcelain and can be produced in various patterns and colors, so it is often used on walls.
Porcelain tile
It is thinner and stronger than axing, and has a low absorption rate, so it is often used for floors.
Polishing tiles
It is a high-gloss tile with excellent color and texture that can be used on both walls and floors. It is scratch-resistant but slippery.
Porcelain tile
As it is a matte tile, it is not slippery and has low pollutant and water absorption, so it is often used as bathroom walls and living room flooring.
Mosaic tiles
It comes in a variety of materials, can be installed on both walls and floors, and is suitable for beginners. It is often used for interior decoration.
Stone tiles
It is a type of porcelain tile made by mixing stone components and has a rough surface and strong strength, so it is used as an exterior tile for bathrooms and terraces.
Marble tiles
It is made by cutting natural stone and is expensive and weak, but it gives a luxurious feel.
Broken brick tiles
You can use broken bricks or artificial bricks to create the effect of brick construction.


 Space-specific application ideas 

In the bathroom, you can use mosaic tiles to create colors and patterns, and in the kitchen, you can use wall tiles to create a clean and sophisticated atmosphere. You can create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in your living space by using floor tiles.
You can create a mysterious atmosphere in your bathroom by using mosaic tiles.


 Selection guide for each material 

Material is also an important factor when choosing tiles. There are tiles made of various materials such as ceramic, marble, and glass, and each material has its own unique characteristics and advantages. Our tile selection guide for each material will help you choose the right tile for you.
For bathrooms with a lot of moisture, we recommend matte porcelain tiles.

 How to create tiles using color and texture 

The color and texture of tiles are important elements that determine the atmosphere and feel of a space. Choosing the right colors and textures for your tiles can add vitality and character to your space. You can create tiles in a variety of ways, such as using point colors or choosing contrasting textures.
You can make the space look larger by using brightly colored tiles.


 Interior tile installation precautions 

There are a few precautions and tips when installing tile. It is important to install tiles accurately using the appropriate techniques and tools. It's also useful to know tips on waterproofing and cleaning management.
When installing tile, it is important to place it on a flat and stable surface.

 Successful tile interior examples 

Analyzing successful interior design cases using tiles can help you create your own space.
Explore various styles and ideas to find the design that suits you.


This is an example of a bathroom constructed with clean white tiles. You can create a new feel by arranging the intersection of regular square tiles. You can create different feelings depending on the size and color of the tile.

This interior uses clean white tiles, the most basic of kitchen wall interiors.
Herringbone tiles arranged crosswise give a sophisticated feel.

If you like an antique feel, you can create a more antique kitchen interior by using a flower pattern design.​​​​​​​

This interior design uses moss tiles on the walls of offices such as executive rooms, conference rooms, and meeting rooms.
You can create a lively atmosphere in your office by decorating with green color.

Interior design using tiles is an attractive element that changes more than simply decorating a space.
Various types of tiles! design! You can create your own space with color!

If you find a way to enjoy the changes in space that tiles bring, you can enjoy a happier interior.
Now that you know the sophisticated space transformation technology that interior tiles provide, I hope you can create your own beautiful space.​​​​​​​laugh
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