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Scandia moss construction method

Scandia Moss allows you to construct your own art wall interior by customizing your own design.

1. How to choose aluminum panel and cork panel

· The aluminum panel has good durability during construction.
· The cork panel is easy to cut, so it is convenient when the construction area is irregular or smaller than the standard size.
· It is recommended to use an appropriate mix of aluminum panels and cork panels.

How to choose aluminum panel and cork panel

2. Corner construction method

Scandia Moss Corner construction method

3. Landfill construction method

In order to bury moss panels inside the wall, it is recommended to bury them to a depth of about 40mm.

Scandia Moss Landfill construction method

4. Cork panel (using Taka) - wooden base

The cuttable cork panels can be installed on irregular walls that do not meet aluminum panel standards, and can be installed on walls using a tacker.
(Screws may penetrate the cork pad.)

5. Aluminum panel (using screws) - wooden base

If the wall to be installed is made of plywood, you can install it quickly with screws.

· The fixing screw locations are to prevent shaking by fixing the panel applied to the side part of the entire construction area to the middle and corner parts of the panel.
· Even though one screw is fixed in the center (other than the side parts of the construction surface), no distortion appears.
· Fix the screws in the same location as much as possible to make it easier to remove the screws during demolition.
· If landfill is in the construction plan, the base should be buried based on the height of the panel (50mm).

6. Use of adhesive tape/adhesive (silicone, etc.) - when wooden base is not possible

If screws are difficult to use on the wall to be, such as concrete, glass, or tile walls, or if you want to install in a site where you do not want to damage the wall, you can install it using silicone and double-sided tape.
This is applicable to both types of aluminum and cork panels.
(Depending on the type and environment of the adhesive used, the adhesive strength may be lower than when using screws or a tacker.)