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How to care for Scandia moss

How to care for Scandia moss

The humidity in the air is maintained.

In winter, when the humidity in the air is low (below 30%), the moss can become dry and brittle if overly dry. In this case, do not touch and never water. If you raise the humidity in the air with a humidifier, it will be restored to a soft state.

Scandia moss that requires no maintenance

Humidity Buffering Effect

Scandiamoss absorbs moisture to lower the humidity when humidity in the air rises, and releases the stored moisture to buffer the humidity when the it drops below an appropriate level.
If Scandiamoss hardens, it means that the room is too dry. If you raise the indoor humidity above the appropriate level, the moss will be restored to its original state.

Natural moss Scandia moss humidity buffering effect

The Management Point is No Management.

Scandiamoss is a product made by preserving natural reindeer moss grown in the polar region through the eco-friendly mineral processing method. Since it is not in a living state, it can be used semi-permanently just by installing it. It does not need periodic management or special facilities, such as watering or soiling like a plant wall.

Natural Moss Scandia Moss Management Points

No need to water it!

Scandiamoss has recognized a semi-permanent lifespan, fire resistance, and humidity buffering through preservation treatment of minerals in moss. If you spray water because the moss has become dry, this preservation may disappear, so we recommended keeping away from water as much as possible. If the moss becomes hard, avoid touching as much as possible and increase the indoor humidity.

Scandia moss, a natural moss that does not require water
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