Air Purifying Scandia Moss Plant Wall-Ulsan 2nd Gymnasium

Registration date2024. 02. 28
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Air Purifying Scandia Moss Plant Wall-Ulsan 2nd Gymnasium

New trend in interior decoration materials
: natural moss wall greening

Hello This is Scandia.
The construction example we will introduce today is
the construction site of the second disabled gym located in Jung-gu, Ulsan.

Wall greening using Scandia moss
requires no maintenance, purifies harmful substances in the air,
and is an excellent choice for the mentally and
physically stable and healthy for people with disabilities.

It is a creative design that can protect the environment
and enhance the aesthetics of the space at the same time.
By using natural moss Scandia moss on the cold marble wall,
we created a warmer and livelier wall.

Natural moss wall greening,

As social interest and awareness of environmental protection increase, demands for nature-friendly changes are also increasing among companies and institutions. Accordingly, there is a need for more nature-friendly and sustainable interior decoration than existing interior decoration. Scandia Moss wall greening is attracting attention as a new attempt to meet these needs as it requires no maintenance after just one installation, and its applicability in various government offices and companies is receiving great attention.

Benefits and expected effects of wall greening using natural moss

Natural moss Scandia moss has an air purifying function and is effective in improving indoor air quality. This can have a positive impact on the health of gym users. In particular, Scandia Moss is a grade 2 semi-combustible material that has a humidity buffering effect and can maintain a comfortable and safe indoor environment.

Future interior vision through natural moss wall greening

Natural moss wall greening presents a new vision for the future interior design industry. Due to increasing social interest and environmental protection awareness, it is becoming more important to operate indoor facilities in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

In the future, many companies and organizations
are expected to introduce natural moss wall greening
to create sustainable operations and nature-friendly spaces.
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