Air purifying plant school hallway design - Cheonglim Middle School

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Air purifying plant school hallway design - Cheonglim Middle School

Interior that makes educational institutions healthier

Hello. This is Scandia.
The construction example we will introduce today is
the installation site of Cheonglim Middle School.
The Scandia moss wall installed in the school hallway brightens students' thoughts
 and makes them feel like they are always living in nature.

As previously verified in the 'Creating a Clean School' project conducted by Hanwha and the Environmental Protection Agency, the moss wall made of Scandia moss quickly removes harmful gases from the air and always maintains clean air.

Importance of School Environment,

School is where students spend most of their time learning and growing. Therefore, the school environment has a significant impact on students' health and well-being. By creating a pleasant and healthy environment, students’ learning efficiency and concentration can be improved. For this purpose, refurbishing school interiors using air-purifying plants is a very useful method.

School environment problems and solutions,

School hallways, classrooms, gyms, etc. are spaces that many students pass through and use, but the air can often be humid and unpleasant due to poor ventilation. Additionally, harmful substances may be emitted from various spaces located inside the school, which may worsen air quality. To solve these problems, the interior of various spaces within the school needs to be renovated.

Using air purifying plants to refurbish various spaces in a school is an effective solution. These plants improve air quality by absorbing harmful substances from the air. Additionally, as a nature-friendly element, it can provide students with a sense of stability and comfort.

Change with air-purifying plants,

Schools renovated with air-purifying plants will improve students' health by improving air quality, and creating a nature-friendly atmosphere will increase students' concentration. Additionally, when plants are placed in spaces where many students and faculty pass by, such as hallways, they provide visual beauty and induce positive emotions.

Meaning of improving school environment through air purifying plant interior,

Refurbishing various areas of the school with air-purifying plants is an important means of improving the school environment and providing healthy air. This can improve students' health and learning environment, and create a nature-friendly atmosphere, which can have a positive impact. Therefore, improving the environment of schools as educational institutions using the air purifying plant Scandia moss is very meaningful and important.


Air-purifying plant interiors that make spaces healthy 
can be used in various educational institutions
such as schools, daycare centers, kindergartens, and academies.

Through the air purifying plant Scandia Moss
Improve your health and learning environment!
Creating a nature-friendly atmosphere!

Officials of educational institutions should actively adopt
these methods and strive to ensure the health and well-being of students.
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