Natural moss interior large character sculpture installation - Korea Exchange

Registration date2024. 02. 19
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Natural moss interior large character sculpture installation - Korea Exchange

Sustainable interior using natural moss

Hello. This is Scandia.
The construction example we will introduce today is the installation site of the Korea Exchange.
A sculpture made of Scandia moss was installed in front of the main afterglow board of the Korea Exchange, and a colorful atmosphere was created using lighting and letters.

Scandia moss, a natural moss

We minimize carbon emissions through an environmentally friendly production process using natural materials using plants grown in the Northern European nature, and produce products based on natural moss improvement technology for a sustainable future. Therefore, Scandia Moss is attracting attention for interior design of companies and public institutions pursuing ESG management.

Why public institutions pay attention to,

Because sustainable natural moss Scandia moss interiors have the potential to develop further. Natural moss liner technology continues to evolve and more efficient and versatile designs will be developed. In addition, due to changes in user demands, users' interest in and demand for more nature-friendly and sustainable interiors is increasing.

Change with natural moss,

An atmosphere close to nature creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere by infusing the beauty of nature into public institutions and businesses. Scandia Moss provides unique and creative images to help with the image and branding of public institutions and companies, and with nature-friendly materials and designs, institutions and companies can deliver messages that emphasize their responsibility for environmental protection and sustainability.

The future through natural moss interior

We will pursue sustainable development by creating an environmentally friendly space through natural moss interior, and will provide a creative and innovative image to have a positive impact on the image and branding of institutions and companies. In addition, we will increase user satisfaction by providing a design that takes users' needs and convenience into consideration.

Sustainable interior design using natural moss
can be used in a variety of places, not just
public institutions and companies.

Create an atmosphere close to nature with Scandia Moss!
Providing nature-friendly value and benefits!

It is expected that more advanced
natural moss interiors will be utilized
in future public institutions and companies.
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